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Upholstery is what makes your place home. You could have the nicest house with the design of your dreams but without upholstery, it’s just an empty building.

In time, you will need to seek the help of professional cleaners when your upholstery starts to gather dirt and germs that make it displeasing to look at.

It could be just a small spot on a cushioned office chair, or someone spilled coffee on the sleeper sofa. Or maybe you just got a great second-hand sofa that fits perfectly in your house but want to have it professionally restored to make it last longer. We can help with all of the above and more.

For over 20 years in business, we’ve been cleaning all types of furniture & upholstery and fabrics thinkable.

When you book in to have your upholstery cleaned with us you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are booking in an expert that is not only trained in safe and industry standard cleaning methods. But they have years of on the job experience.

We use high-quality equipment that is specialized for furniture and upholstery. This ensures the safety of your furniture during the process. We believe in our own capabilities, so much that if you happen to have a problem with our service, you can drop us a line to discuss and we’ll be happy to come back and to make sure you are happy. But, we haven’t had such a call in 10 years. We have built a good reputation and are known as getting things done right the first time.

Regardless of the type of furniture, we will deal with all of your cleaning needs. Once we are done you’ll see your upholstery will be gleaming just like it was bought yesterday.

You can make use of our list underneath to select the particular solution in which you might be trying to look for in and around North Gateway Phoenix.

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Want to get a booking locked in right away? Call us on (602) 833-0466 right now to speak to our friendly staff.

Know Thy Firm And Thy Practical Knowledge - Service For Furniture Cleaning

If you realize someone from North Gateway Phoenix, Az has recently got done. then there'ss a high probability our firm did the particular work. Since 1999, for twenty years, our firm have actually been one of the biggest brands in the sector.

Our firm is a proud local company. Whenever our company clean, we clean right the first time. We by no means return to a premises as something had been forgotten. Since it's done properly the 1st time!

- 100% fulfillment assurance.

- Our very own people are actually fully covered and vetted.

- We offer very accommodating prearranged appointments. Provided you will need our team of professionals right now or alternatively later during the calendar week or perhaps month. Our company can help out.

- 'We clean, you relax' is our saying!

If you make a decision to make a reservation with our company. Just simply appreciate that you are selecting the best! We solely hire highly experienced professionals that have numerous years of preceding on-the-job experiences.

It doesn't matter everything you read above on this page. We offer a wide array of professional services. We can easily carry out any type of job whether a tiny job for some simple cleaning. Or a big business enterprise and agreement.