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It’s impossible to imagine a home without upholstery and furniture in it. Furniture is what sets the difference between an empty building and a home.

Owning upholstery & furniture comes with the fact that dirt and germs will build up if unmaintained for a long time.

You may be dealing with a spot on an armchair, or a baby accidentally make a mess on the couch. Maybe you have an old sofa or mattress but you want to have it professionally cleaned to use it for a few more years. You’ve found the right people and we can help.

We have been restoring furniture for around 20 years. And have taken care of all types of furniture and material under the sun.

If you go with us to clean your upholstery & furniture, you can rest assured our staff are highly trained to use only the safest cleaning methods and machinery. Coupled with years of professional furniture cleaning experience.

We use high-quality equipment that is specialized for furniture. This ensures the safety of your upholstery during the process. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy with our service, please do give us a call to discuss the matter and we’d gladly come back to do right by you. However, as a company known to do things right the first time, we haven’t had such call in more than a decade.

Regardless of the type of furniture, we will deal with all of your cleaning needs. Once we are done you’ll see your upholstery will be gleaming just like it was bought yesterday.

You may use the list just below to select the type of solution which you're looking for in Eastridge Mesa.

Sofa Cleaning Furniture Cleaning Services Upholstery Cleaning Mattress Cleaning

Why not give us a call today on (602) 833-0466 and speak to one of our friendly staff right now to get your service booked in?

Why Us? Who Are We? Precisely What Knowledge Do We Come With? - Upholstery And Furniture Refresh Service

We're one of the best and respected providers when it comes to around Eastridge Mesa. We've been operating within the neighborhood for the last 20 years give or take.

Tired of needing to phone back a company since things happened to be still messy? Well, our organization is the actual complete exact opposite. There is a small inside corporation rule of thumb referred to as 'once and done'. Our company never leave a job until the client is satisfied and we know there's no possibility chance we would be called to correct anything. We get it carried out properly, the first time!

- 100 percent happiness promise.

- Our workforce are entirely covered by insurance and vetted.

- We have a very big organization. So if you'd like to make a reservation for today or perhaps in the foreseeable future. We will assist.

- 'We clean, you relax' is actually our slogan!

We have stringent internal controls. Absolutely everyone we choose passes through strict education to be certain that these people turned out to be the very best. Our company is called the greatest through the sector. And we make certain its that way so you have the best service possible.

From the littlest marks on carpets or even sections of furniture. To entire facilities which will require 100s of areas cleaned. We're the most appropriate company for the undertaking. We can tackle any type of task. It doesn't matter how little or large.